Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Remove used pillowcases and sheets and replace them with fresh ones
Ensure blankets are free of visible stains or odors
Wash and dry used linens (if applicable)
Fold blankets neatly and arrange the pillows for an appealing appearance
Vacuum the bedroom
Wipe down doorknobs, light switches, remotes, closet door pulls, dresser knobs
Empty garbage can and replace the bag
Take used towels and hand towels to wash
Neatly place fresh towels on towel rack and cloths in dedicated area
Restock toilet paper, shampoo, body wash, and other necessary toiletries
Wipe down sink /mirror area to remove any stains ensuring it is free of any marks or hairs
Clean and sanitize toilet (inside and out)
Thoroughly clean shower/bath area removing any hairs or stains
Clean and wipe light switches and door knobs
Sweep and mop bathroom floor
Empty garbage and replace the bag
Remove any crumbs or items from the coffee table and TV stand
Vacuum living room sofa, carpet and/or area rug
Leave AirBnB or Rental manual on the most visible surface for easy access (if applicable)
Wipe down surfaces that have stains or debris
Arrange and tidy all pillows and throw blankets on the couches
Sweep and mop hardwood floors
Empty garbage and replace bag if applicable
Clear dining room table of any crumbs or stains
Wipe down any tables to remove any residue or sticky stuff
Vacuum or sweep and mop floors
Arrange table mats (if present) neatly and tuck chairs underneath the table
Ensure all utensils, plates, pots and pans are clean and correctly stored inside the cabinets
Clean and wipe kitchen countertops, stove top, microwave and other appliances to remove food or stain residue
Restock paper towels and soap
Neatly arrange kitchen towels
Lightly clean stove
Sweep and mop kitchen floor
Empty garbage and replace bag